Please contact us if you have questions about what we offer.

Online Store

Visit our store and see a sampling of buttons we have available for online purchase.  If you are looking for a special button please contact us as we cannot include all of our stock buttons in the store.  You will also find our display and mounting products in the store.

Show Sales

We try to attend all midwest state shows and the National Button Society Convention.  As a dealer, many of our buttons and catalog products are available at these shows for purchase 


All appraisals will be done at our WI address unless otherwise arranged. We do not appraise any buttons from photographs.
The Customer is responsible for shipping and insurance charges to and from the WI location.
Appraisal fees are charged at a rate of $40 per hour. The minimum charge is $40.

Three appraisal options are available.

 A preliminary appraisal and report

A preliminary appraisal is strongly recommended as the first step. The Customer should send a sampling of the better buttons and an estimate of the quantity of the buttons to be appraised. Button Images will provide a detailed report for this sampling and a recommendation for appraisal of the entire collection.

 A general appraisal

A general appraisal involves viewing and estimating the value of the entire collection based on the value and condition of the better buttons in the collection. Some allowance is added for the remaining buttons.

 A detailed appraisal

A detailed appraisal involves sorting the buttons into value categories. All buttons having values over $25 will be itemized separately in a report. Buttons with values less than $25 will be grouped for reporting purposes.OnOn